I woke up loving myself

It doesn’t happen often, but today I woke up loving myself.

My imperfections that would normally cause me to curl into a ball and hide were insignificant. I didn’t care that my hair was too frizzy, that my muffin top was more noticeable, or that my eyebrows weren’t on point. I just woke up grateful to be alive. And for this reason, I loved myself and didn’t put myself down.

I know that all days should be like this. I know that my imperfections shouldn’t be as detrimental as they are and that loving myself should always be a thing, but it isn’t. Most days I loath myself. I loath myself so much that I spend most moments trapped inside my own head while comparing myself to every person passing by. It gets exhausting. It gets hurtful. And I end up hating myself for these minor flaws.

Not today. Nope. Today I was able to look in the mirror and smile because I felt beautiful. I felt worthy. Whatever imperfections I thought I had paled in comparison to the feeling of love I felt when I woke up.

Love is a powerful sentiment. As humans, we all crave it. Every single one of us. Most of the time it’s the lack of romantic love that sets us back, and without it we feel lonely.

For me, it’s self love. When I don’t love myself, I’m at my darkest. I feel absolutely alone when I don’t love who I am. Which is why this morning was so significant. I felt better than I did yesterday. I felt slightly less empty. I felt good enough.

Unfortunately, this feeling is rare. I don’t always love myself. In fact, more often than not, it’s the opposite. I hate myself. I hate everything that makes me different, everything that makes me stand out.

I shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t, but if you’re anything like me then you know that it is much easier said than done.

So today, when I woke up happy with a fuller heart and lighter soul, I didn’t question it. I just let it be.

But I love this feeling. I love that I woke up loving myself. I don’t want it to go away.

I’m going to write down my flaws  (or what I think to be flaws) and beside each one write why these so-called imperfections are actually perfect. I’m going to spin them.

Flaws are only flaws if we let them be. I mean, who decides whether or not you’re a beautiful person? Who determines your intelligence? Who has the right to tell you that you’re not good enough? No one. Not even yourself.

I’m going to keep this list close and I’m going to make it an every day hope to wake up and love myself. Because if I love myself, and all that makes me who I am, then that’s really all that should matter.

Wake up. Love yourself.

Sounds simple enough right? Maybe not. But it can be, and it will.


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